Self-Sufficiency becoming banned

This is not the first case recently where “self-sufficent” gardners had their garden contents removed or destroyed by authorities. The most recent case being in Canada. If you grow your own you break the law.

Full article here.

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Update: Another report has appeared online on this subject. Apparently only 20-30% of yard can be used to grow your own in the US.

Full article here.
Update: A new report has come in but this time the garden is community shared. In Toronto, Canada such a garden has been demolished without warning.

Full article here.

Update: Across to Europe for this report. Preppers, who sell their home-made jams and other glassed edibles, have now had an income revenue stopped. The EU Health & Safety laws now prohibit the selling of such goods in re-usable glass jars.

Full article here.


2 comments on “Self-Sufficiency becoming banned

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