Bacon Barter

Here is an interesting article coverng another example of the use of bartering instead of monetary transactions.


The Bacon Barter is a great example of bartering!! A guy is driving from New York to California with no cash or cards. He has to barter anything he needs with bacon. He has a trailer full of bacon. 

As far as we can tell, this is being done for a couple of reasons. First off, its for advertising. This has got alot of attention. Almost 4,000 followers on Twitter, and the Facebook page is the Oscar Mayer page that has over 736,000 likes. We are sure that the Bacon Barter has helped that number also. The other reason was listed on the Bacon Barter website. It is to see how much Americans love bacon. 

The guy has made it to California. So it sounds like a success! It did prove how much Americans love bacon. He Bartered a total of 2,168 bricks of bacon. He has 250 bricks left…

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