Feeding the needy banned!

Should you, unprepared, fall upon hard times and seek edible handouts you could be in for shock. Those of a generous and charitable nature who provide so-called “food banks” and being forced to close down.

There are a lot of people, many either individual or part of a “prepper” community who are more than glad to show and share with new, learning, preppers their knowledge and skills. Learn how to be self-sufficient because when it comes to the crunch and you discover shop shelves empty there will also be no food hand-outs.

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Bit of a Zombie? Still time to revert and prepare.

Before embarking on a preparedness supply acquisition spree, you might to first want to check that you and those close to you are not “contaminated”.

Ascertain exactly who is on board and ready to bug out at short notice. You may need to accept the fact that not all those you would like to take are on the same level of thinking as you and therefore may wish to stay put.

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9 Reasons a Coffee Can Should be in Your Survival Kit

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You'll need a good survival kit in the wilderness

Size and weight matter.

Whether your putting together a 72-hour Survival Pack that you can sling over your shoulder or making a Every Day Carry Kit that you can slide into a jacket pocket, it’s important to consider how easy the kit will be to carry.

Consider Convenience

I can tell you from experience if it’s big and bulky, you’re survival kit will get left behind more often than not. You’ll simply walk out the door without it. “I’m only running to the store; I won’t be gone but a few minutes,” you’ll say to yourself. Odds are, that’ll be when you’ll need it. And a survival kit, no matter how well stocked, is worthless if you don’t have it when the need arises.

Two factors that affect kit convenience: how heavy is it, and how bulky is it.

To curb unnecessary growth in both size and weight, it’s good…

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Real Apocalypse Preparation?

Of course this is not the first report of forces preparing for possible future events. But when a neutral country, which is not known for enforcement via military strength, starts to prepare their forces we should take notice.

Preppers in European countries could find their “prep” skills and stores put to the test quicker than than previously imagined. A financial collapse county by country through Europe would be an apocalypse scenario of such a scale that long term survival would be hard for most people.

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Floating Mega Cities – What will be left on mainland?

It seems that for the upper echelon a move to sea, both for themselves and their staff, has many advantages which are not available on mainland, for example no work permits required for foreign employees.

So with a migration to floating cities, what will become of the current metropols? Will the human race split as we know it, leaving mainland to be taken back by nature and wildlife? More sinister would be the deliberate reduction of land to allow for more aqua-real estate when the pool is full and crowded?

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