Prep Britannia – One has one’s stock!

At last we have come across an article where preppers in the UK have been interviewed. A TV documentary and video is also available.

As you will see in the article, not all preppers are ex-forces. Preppers are from all walks of life.

Full article here.

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Apocalypse – Have you built an Ark?

Probably not hmm? Well this chap has is own now and we are not sure who has a ticket to ride!

Of course only time will tell if he was well-prepared by building an ark. How prepared are you?

Full article here.

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Self-Suffiency vs Financing the Elite

The title of this post speaks for itself really. Which would you prefer out of the two? One this is for sure: with self-sufficiency you will not get poorer and your families stomachs will always be full.

In a consumer world, especially at Christmas, everything is about the latest product trends and keeping up with that pace. How many of you know people who would react quite puzzled if you were to give them a basket of veg or sack of potatoes as a gift, and probably wouldn’t know what to do with them anyway?

If you find yourself in social circles which are grid-tied so much that self-sufficiency would be looked at as a strange disorder, then pull away and look up networks such as prepper, homesteaders, farmers and gardners – you will find a wealth of information and assistance to help you.

Full article here.

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Switch to Zombie mode for discount shopping! Signs of chaos.

With people now prepared to completely disconnect and let the animal takeover to secure discount purchases, even to the extent of fighting and shooting other consumers, what will happen if food gets scarce?

Here we can see how dependant people living on the grid have become. Stand by your principles, educate and protect loved ones – be prepared at all times.

Full article here.

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World War Z – Are we being primed?

Again, should we be concerned and raise the question “Are we being conditioned via media entertainment for a possible apocalypse?” and if we think so then will there be time for more such films to watched in the future?

Anyway, you can view the trailer here and if you wish take a prepper with you to watch the film when it comes to the big screen (just in case).

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Jason the Agri-naut

Jason continues to defend his garden of veg against the authorities who are trying to force him to destroy it. What is on-the-grid living really costing people, when they no longer have say about what they use their property land for? Full article here.

You may recall a relasted previous post of ours which covered about self-sufficiency becoming banned. Read post.

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