Self-Suffiency vs Financing the Elite

The title of this post speaks for itself really. Which would you prefer out of the two? One this is for sure: with self-sufficiency you will not get poorer and your families stomachs will always be full.

In a consumer world, especially at Christmas, everything is about the latest product trends and keeping up with that pace. How many of you know people who would react quite puzzled if you were to give them a basket of veg or sack of potatoes as a gift, and probably wouldn’t know what to do with them anyway?

If you find yourself in social circles which are grid-tied so much that self-sufficiency would be looked at as a strange disorder, then pull away and look up networks such as prepper, homesteaders, farmers and gardners – you will find a wealth of information and assistance to help you.

Full article here.

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One comment on “Self-Suffiency vs Financing the Elite

  1. thank you for posting this!

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