Weapon Cache, I mean Cash.

We recently highlighted an article about payment processors withholding funds from shipped orders, from gun retailers. Now preppers are being hit, but are only finding out at the checkout when attempting to pay with debit/credit card issued by the Bank of America.

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Preparing for possible ET confrontation – Tell us more!

Interestingly, NASA have a team who addressing all possible scenarios which could occur upon confrontation with an alien civilization.

But why now? Should such preparedness not involve the public more? Are we prepared for such events, positive or negative?

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More restrictions on Preppers and Homesteaders

Last year we highlighted articles about laws and legislations which were clamping the wings of those being self-sufficient, such as the ban on growing your own in the front garden.

With the latest restriction it will leave many hungry and cold this winter. Wood burning stoves are the target this time.

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Gun retailers held to ransom

In the US gun retailers have discover that funds from processed orders are being withheld – the demand from the bank is that in order to have the funds released they must cease selling guns.

These funds belong to the retailers – it is money paid by customers for goods received. Maybe direct trade is the way to protect gun retailers and their businesses. As a consumer one would be just as angry as the retailer knowing that your money spent has not reached the business who shipping your order. For online orders use marketplaces such as Amazon where vendors get paid.

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2013 – The year of forced prepping!

For many families in the UK, without adapting prepping skills or survival they are likely to be faced with the decision of either them and their family going without food or heating. In the worst case they may lose both.

Please, please, prepare. Join prepping forums. Learn about solar and other alternative heating solutions. Be self-sufficient – grow your own and learn about food storage.

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