Zombie cleansing draws near!

It seems that all logistical and training measures have been catered for in fine detail already. Prison trains, plastic coffins and massive amounts of ammunition are now in stock by authorities. In the US and UK (and probably other countries) forces have been trained for an apocalypse environment where what they portray as Zombies are the threat. Even targets have been produced in the form of kids and pregnant women.

So if you do not yet class yourself as a Zombie, maybe others think you are one!

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Man or Machine – Will we tell the difference?

We have highlighted a few articles now about military robots and what the end-motives of the “owners” are.

Now we have come across the latest robot from the same company. However this time in a chemical warfare suit and mask. So we ask ourselves, in a radioactive environment for example would we now which forces are man and which are robot?

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Non-issue of protective clothing or equipment – Nuclear holocaust on the horizon

For those who may not have considered this, there one very important factor regarding the current “North Korea” issue – And that is in the event of a nuclear attack will you be warned?

Well, if you were warned would the warning be of any assistance to you?

If you have had chemical warfare training/experience and have your suit and gas mask at hand then yes maybe that is all you need. Otherwise if you think you will be warned and that everyone will be issued with NBS suits, gas masks and full training (e.g. how to eat, drink, sleep and visit the toilet in a radioactive environment/when wearing full NBC gear (gas mask, suit, gloves, boots) then you may be disappointed and would discover this when it is too late.

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