Got your candles ready? US going off power grid!

Certainly read this while you still have power and are online! So if there is going to be a mass drill in the US with everyone being without power, what is the preparation for.

Again, drills for all but details only for those in-the-know. Full article here.

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Gardening – Soon to be an ancient secret

Many of us remember at some stage during our childhood when parents and grandparents spent many a day passing on basic and advanced gardening skills to us, with those children fortunate enough to have been allocated a small lot within their garden to grow-your-own. Also the memories of watching the little gardens grow, waiting to eat the results of what our little hands sewed.

Devestatingly now it seems that such childhood experiences and acquired gardening knowledge is almost a thing of the past – something they will in future read about in history classes about how “they” lived “back then”.

We recommend to all not just to teach gardening but to think of way for that knowledge to be retained and past on to future generations. Full article here.

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Chemical Warfare Drills throughout the USA – Are you prepared?

Apparently it is currently appropriate for practicing anti-terror drills, specifically training for a potential nuclear attack, across the USA.

Maybe you are in one of the towns where these drills are being practiced, maybe not – we recommend to prepare yourself, not just with adequate gear for you and your family but also to read up about living in a radioactive environment. Full Article here.

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