Don’t Answer The Door Post Apocalypse


Most people today think nothing of opening their doors to their homes in your typical suburban neighborhood when the doorbell rings or there is a knock at the door.  People assume it’s a neighbor, or a package delivery, etc, etc.  While it is still prudent to make sure you know who is at the front door before you open it; post apocalypse it takes on a whole different outlook.

In a post apocalyptic world; should there come a knock on your front door, of wherever you are calling home, do not answer it.  Why; similar to what happens in countries where wars are a common occurrance, once someone hears a homeowner respond to the knock from the other side of the door; they send some rapidly fired bullets through the door injuring or killing the occupant. Then they proceed to break in and take control of the home.

The same…

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5 Prepping Skills You Can Learn From Zombie Movies



By Brian Meyer

Everyone loves a good zombie movie. With zombies on TV, in the movies, and just about everywhere else, you might suspect that the zombie apocalypse has already started.

In reality, though, zombies are just a work of fiction. There are more than enough scenarios out there to worry about that actually have a chance of happening. There are some people out there prepping for just such an outbreak, but while this is pretty far-fetched, there are some solid prepping skills to be learned from zombie preppers and zombie movies.

1. Weapons


If you’re familiar with zombie movies or TV shows like The Walking Dead you know that ammunition will run out at some point. The big difference between movies and real life here is that the starts of the movie pick up hand weapons and just magically know how to use them, the truth couldn’t be farther…

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Zombie Outbreaks; Could It Happen


Yes, we all know that zombies in television series such as the Walking Dead or in movies such as World War Z are only fiction (for now) but it’s interesting to speculate on the origins and development of potential zombie outbreaks.  So here are some ideas to consider relating to potential zombie outbreaks. Now it’s up to you to decide on their viability.

  • Origins could be the side effects of scientific experimentation pertaining to perhaps biological warfare, or extending the life span of sick medical patients, or could be a new, virulent strain of an already existing virus such as rabies, etc.
  • Outbreaks might occur as the virus is passed from person to person through either bites, or infected scratches which perpetuates spreading, leading to death and reanimation as a zombie.
  • Once infected the body could undergo changes such as shutting down non essential bodily functions and reducing thought processes to primitive…

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5 Must Have Firearms For A Post Apocalyptic World


Almose everyone at some point in time has daydreamed about what life might be like in a post apocalyptic or zombie apocalyptic world.  There is no doubt that proficiency with firearms and availability of said firearms will be essential to a person’s survival; when there is no law and order, and the thin veneer of civilization has withered away.  Here are my 5 must have firearms for a post apocalyptic world.

  • An Ar-15 Rifle chambered for either .223 or 556 for close quarters combat scenarios.  My preferance is the the DPMS AP4 Panther Carbine.
  • A 12 gauge pump action shotgun using 00 buckshot.  My preferance is the Mossberg 590A1.
  • A primary handgun chambered in 45ACP.  My preferance is the Smith & Wesson M&P 45.
  • A backup handgun chambered in 9mm.  My preferance is the Smith & Wesson M&P 9C.
  • A long range rifle capable of reaching out to 1000 yards…

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4 Monolithic Myths About Bug Out Bags


How to Find the Right Bug Out Bag

By Todd Walker

What nasty turn of events would warrant you grabbing your Bug Out Bag and heading for the hills… on foot if necessary? Or better yet, your well stocked retreat?

Be careful how you answer this loaded question.

There’s a long list of bug out worthy disaster scenarios according to some survival experts. Some of are real experts, some well-intentioned, others are attention whores. Read the fine print and think logically.

Most on-the-run survival advice is romance rolled into a 70 lb. “tactical” sack on your back.

I’m convinced that many preppers embrace the huge BOB thesis because of its romantic appeal. What experts in the preparedness community say doesn’t always harmonize with actual experience.

Here’s 4 reasons why…

Image courtesy of Mountain Goat Diaries

1.) Too Much Stuff

The vast majority of hopeful bug-outers are nowhere near physically capable of carrying 3 days worth of water (8.34 lb./gal. x 3 = 25.02 lb.) for…

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Wall Street Expert Says Get A Gun, Bug-Out Bag To Survive Financial Crisis

Interesting and awakening, coming from a Wall Street export.


financial collapse, wall street, bug-out bag

By Michael Foust

well-known Wall Street expert is warning Americans that a financial collapse could be just around the corner – and that concerned citizens better arm and prepare themselves.

David John Marotta, a financial advisor who also writes for Forbes, has written a series of articles for his website where he describes the dire financial state of America and the potential fallout if the economy does crumble. He even says those who are concerned should get a “bug-out” bag.

His series of columns was reported by The Washington Examiner and has gone viral.

“The survivalist fear is that when they are hungry, humans lose all moral sensibility and revert to their base cannibalistic instincts. The idea is that you need to get out of the city and find a place which is safe from mobs, anarchy, riots or whatever,” he writes.

Marotta actually disagrees with those who believe…

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The benefits of living outside of the system

How would you start your list of benefits, for living outside of the system with? You may get stuck with your list unless you have tried such a life, even if only for a day; whereafter you may need a full pack of paper for your list.

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