Zombie Outbreaks; Could It Happen


Yes, we all know that zombies in television series such as the Walking Dead or in movies such as World War Z are only fiction (for now) but it’s interesting to speculate on the origins and development of potential zombie outbreaks.  So here are some ideas to consider relating to potential zombie outbreaks. Now it’s up to you to decide on their viability.

  • Origins could be the side effects of scientific experimentation pertaining to perhaps biological warfare, or extending the life span of sick medical patients, or could be a new, virulent strain of an already existing virus such as rabies, etc.
  • Outbreaks might occur as the virus is passed from person to person through either bites, or infected scratches which perpetuates spreading, leading to death and reanimation as a zombie.
  • Once infected the body could undergo changes such as shutting down non essential bodily functions and reducing thought processes to primitive…

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