5 Prepping Skills You Can Learn From Zombie Movies



By Brian Meyer

Everyone loves a good zombie movie. With zombies on TV, in the movies, and just about everywhere else, you might suspect that the zombie apocalypse has already started.

In reality, though, zombies are just a work of fiction. There are more than enough scenarios out there to worry about that actually have a chance of happening. There are some people out there prepping for just such an outbreak, but while this is pretty far-fetched, there are some solid prepping skills to be learned from zombie preppers and zombie movies.

1. Weapons


If you’re familiar with zombie movies or TV shows like The Walking Dead you know that ammunition will run out at some point. The big difference between movies and real life here is that the starts of the movie pick up hand weapons and just magically know how to use them, the truth couldn’t be farther…

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