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Are you the enemy?

With military forces working with universities to monitor their immediate action drills for the event of civil unrest, we must ask ourselves why has this precaution been put into motion?

Millions of dollars are being pumped into this project so surely the potential enemy is known – but who are they? You and us perhaps?

How prepared are you anyway as an individual for such an apocalypse?

Full article here.

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Small Farms soon only in history books!

Within a few weeks two key rules of the US Food Safety Modernization Act could receive an update which will see many small organic farms closing down and giving up the playing field to the corporations.

For those interested comments can still be left on the FDA site.

We would like to give credit to Natural Blaze for a very interesting and informative article.

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Preparedness to become a secret art? Prepper – The Domestic Terrorist

Out of all the articles we have highlighted in the past about efforts in many countries by authorities to cut the wings of those going off-grid and preparing for hard-times to come; this report is tops in awakening readers to the fact that the walls are closing in faster and faster.

Last year “hoarding” was banned in the USA with authorities then having control over all resources. Now in Venezuela if you hoard stores of food etc and you are caught you will be detained. In such a situation where there is a food shortage people could find residents on their own street blowing the whistle about their food storage if known. What would you do? Full article here.

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World War Z – Are we being primed?

Again, should we be concerned and raise the question “Are we being conditioned via media entertainment for a possible apocalypse?” and if we think so then will there be time for more such films to watched in the future?

Anyway, you can view the trailer here and if you wish take a prepper with you to watch the film when it comes to the big screen (just in case).

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