You’re on the grid – like it or not!

So how will preppers and homesteaders in Florida keep their freedom? It is now illegal not to be connected for electricity and water. One could ask what will be taken away next?

Of course those who stand to lose their freedom do have an alternative other than being tied to the grid – they could consider re-locating. Apart from the financial-employment aspect though there would also be the risk that the new location may also ban being off-grid.

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End of the world? Hang on a minute!

Yes, no, maybe. Whatever your personal thoughts are about the apocalypse prophecy, in Australia an PM sped up the hype with an end-of-the world annoucement – if you feel the urge to watch it click here.

If already “of the opinion” or prompted by the video announcement, you may be disappointed to learn that the Mayan Doomsday mountain is being closed to the public – darn! Still maybe there is an alternative “collection” point? Full article here.

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Community Preparedness

Many of the articles we find relate to the individual prepper. Therefore, as you may imagine, it was a pleasant surprise to find an interesting article about preparedness of you local community.

Such a topic may not appeal to many preppers, who prepare themselves and their familes. It may of course depend on how close-knit you and the rest of your local community are, as to whether or not joint prepping is possible.

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