Respiratory Gear now combined in Chemical Protection Category

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We felt it easier to navigate if we combined our Respiratory Gear category content with protective clothing and other related items in one Chemical Protection Category.

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Water everywhere but not a drop to drink

Well in West Virginia (and reported in eight other counties) there is, like in other parts of the US, only here the water is polluted from a chemical spill. An then guess what happened…you guessed right, people ran to the stores to stock up on bottled water. And then the fighting started!

A typical apocalyptic scenario: No supply and then store shelves empty. People then turn on each other, even friends and family. If you are not already in one of the affected areas, what would you do? Would you be prepared?

Full Story here.            You get get bottled water online by the way (US)  (UK)

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Man or Machine – Will we tell the difference?

We have highlighted a few articles now about military robots and what the end-motives of the “owners” are.

Now we have come across the latest robot from the same company. However this time in a chemical warfare suit and mask. So we ask ourselves, in a radioactive environment for example would we now which forces are man and which are robot?

Full article here.

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