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Small Farms soon only in history books!

Within a few weeks two key rules of the US Food Safety Modernization Act could receive an update which will see many small organic farms closing down and giving up the playing field to the corporations.

For those interested comments can still be left on the FDA site.

We would like to give credit to Natural Blaze for a very interesting and informative article.

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Preparedness to become a secret art? Prepper – The Domestic Terrorist

Out of all the articles we have highlighted in the past about efforts in many countries by authorities to cut the wings of those going off-grid and preparing for hard-times to come; this report is tops in awakening readers to the fact that the walls are closing in faster and faster.

Last year “hoarding” was banned in the USA with authorities then having control over all resources. Now in Venezuela if you hoard stores of food etc and you are caught you will be detained. In such a situation where there is a food shortage people could find residents on their own street blowing the whistle about their food storage if known. What would you do? Full article here.

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Chemical Warfare Drills throughout the USA – Are you prepared?

Apparently it is currently appropriate for practicing anti-terror drills, specifically training for a potential nuclear attack, across the USA.

Maybe you are in one of the towns where these drills are being practiced, maybe not – we recommend to prepare yourself, not just with adequate gear for you and your family but also to read up about living in a radioactive environment. Full Article here.

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9 Reasons a Coffee Can Should be in Your Survival Kit

A recommended article


You'll need a good survival kit in the wilderness

Size and weight matter.

Whether your putting together a 72-hour Survival Pack that you can sling over your shoulder or making a Every Day Carry Kit that you can slide into a jacket pocket, it’s important to consider how easy the kit will be to carry.

Consider Convenience

I can tell you from experience if it’s big and bulky, you’re survival kit will get left behind more often than not. You’ll simply walk out the door without it. “I’m only running to the store; I won’t be gone but a few minutes,” you’ll say to yourself. Odds are, that’ll be when you’ll need it. And a survival kit, no matter how well stocked, is worthless if you don’t have it when the need arises.

Two factors that affect kit convenience: how heavy is it, and how bulky is it.

To curb unnecessary growth in both size and weight, it’s good…

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