You’re on the grid – like it or not!

So how will preppers and homesteaders in Florida keep their freedom? It is now illegal not to be connected for electricity and water. One could ask what will be taken away next?

Of course those who stand to lose their freedom do have an alternative other than being tied to the grid – they could consider re-locating. Apart from the financial-employment aspect though there would also be the risk that the new location may also ban being off-grid.

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LA Preppers Swatted

Following on from our previously highlighted articles about bans and restrictions on self-sufficency, we discovered a story which turned the thumb-screw a bit more.

Preppers in LA found growing-their own and/or producing their own electricity where paid a visit from SWAT teams. Any preppers out there in other US staes or different countries for that matter who are experiencing the same procedure feel free to comment on this post.

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The benefits of living outside of the system

How would you start your list of benefits, for living outside of the system with? You may get stuck with your list unless you have tried such a life, even if only for a day; whereafter you may need a full pack of paper for your list.

We came across a very valuable article which provide more of a photo diary. Full article here.

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Forcing Preppers back on the grid – Wood-burning stove ban!

Whenever we come across articles covering any of the various types of efforts to crop the wings of preppers and reel them back to the grid, we have to highlight these reports for all. On those lines, here is the next case.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are planning a ban which would force wood-burning stove owners in the US to scrap, not resale, their old stoves and purchase EPA-approved ones. Full article here.

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Got your candles ready? US going off power grid!

Certainly read this while you still have power and are online! So if there is going to be a mass drill in the US with everyone being without power, what is the preparation for.

Again, drills for all but details only for those in-the-know. Full article here.

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More restrictions on Preppers and Homesteaders

Last year we highlighted articles about laws and legislations which were clamping the wings of those being self-sufficient, such as the ban on growing your own in the front garden.

With the latest restriction it will leave many hungry and cold this winter. Wood burning stoves are the target this time.

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Grid sucking on individualism and freedom – It’s your property but…

Following on from our post about pulling free from the grid, we are coming across more and more reports about bans being implemented which restrict you as a house owner. One such case we previously noticed was about self-sufficiency gardens being banned.

Now the hanging up of washing lines in front gardens has been banned and other bans are being considered regarding outdoor furniture. With such bans regarding privately own property increasing, how long will it take until the all exteriors have to be the same?

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