You’re on the grid – like it or not!

So how will preppers and homesteaders in Florida keep their freedom? It is now illegal not to be connected for electricity and water. One could ask what will be taken away next?

Of course those who stand to lose their freedom do have an alternative other than being tied to the grid – they could consider re-locating. Apart from the financial-employment aspect though there would also be the risk that the new location may also ban being off-grid.

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The benefits of living outside of the system

How would you start your list of benefits, for living outside of the system with? You may get stuck with your list unless you have tried such a life, even if only for a day; whereafter you may need a full pack of paper for your list.

We came across a very valuable article which provide more of a photo diary. Full article here.

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Gardening – Soon to be an ancient secret

Many of us remember at some stage during our childhood when parents and grandparents spent many a day passing on basic and advanced gardening skills to us, with those children fortunate enough to have been allocated a small lot within their garden to grow-your-own. Also the memories of watching the little gardens grow, waiting to eat the results of what our little hands sewed.

Devestatingly now it seems that such childhood experiences and acquired gardening knowledge is almost a thing of the past – something they will in future read about in history classes about how “they” lived “back then”.

We recommend to all not just to teach gardening but to think of way for that knowledge to be retained and past on to future generations. Full article here.

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More restrictions on Preppers and Homesteaders

Last year we highlighted articles about laws and legislations which were clamping the wings of those being self-sufficient, such as the ban on growing your own in the front garden.

With the latest restriction it will leave many hungry and cold this winter. Wood burning stoves are the target this time.

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Self-Suffiency vs Financing the Elite

The title of this post speaks for itself really. Which would you prefer out of the two? One this is for sure: with self-sufficiency you will not get poorer and your families stomachs will always be full.

In a consumer world, especially at Christmas, everything is about the latest product trends and keeping up with that pace. How many of you know people who would react quite puzzled if you were to give them a basket of veg or sack of potatoes as a gift, and probably wouldn’t know what to do with them anyway?

If you find yourself in social circles which are grid-tied so much that self-sufficiency would be looked at as a strange disorder, then pull away and look up networks such as prepper, homesteaders, farmers and gardners – you will find a wealth of information and assistance to help you.

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Feeding the needy banned!

Should you, unprepared, fall upon hard times and seek edible handouts you could be in for shock. Those of a generous and charitable nature who provide so-called “food banks” and being forced to close down.

There are a lot of people, many either individual or part of a “prepper” community who are more than glad to show and share with new, learning, preppers their knowledge and skills. Learn how to be self-sufficient because when it comes to the crunch and you discover shop shelves empty there will also be no food hand-outs.

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