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In light of recent news regarding real life Zombies we hope you find our new category useful.

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Are you the enemy?

With military forces working with universities to monitor their immediate action drills for the event of civil unrest, we must ask ourselves why has this precaution been put into motion?

Millions of dollars are being pumped into this project so surely the potential enemy is known – but who are they? You and us perhaps?

How prepared are you anyway as an individual for such an apocalypse?

Full article here.

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LA Preppers Swatted

Following on from our previously highlighted articles about bans and restrictions on self-sufficency, we discovered a story which turned the thumb-screw a bit more.

Preppers in LA found growing-their own and/or producing their own electricity where paid a visit from SWAT teams. Any preppers out there in other US staes or different countries for that matter who are experiencing the same procedure feel free to comment on this post.

Full article here.

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Small Farms soon only in history books!

Within a few weeks two key rules of the US Food Safety Modernization Act could receive an update which will see many small organic farms closing down and giving up the playing field to the corporations.

For those interested comments can still be left on the FDA site.

We would like to give credit to Natural Blaze for a very interesting and informative article.

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Sick Of and Sick From altered crops?

We came across a pleasing article which explains how local communities are taking the initiative and going back to the roots of farming.

Bringing back to life the traditional skills of farming, planting clean seeds and plants of course is in the heart of every prepper. Now though, as more and more people wake up lets hope that they all roll up their sleeves and join in and also pass on what they learn to generations to come. Full Article

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First Responders surrounded by Zombies

In the past we have highlighted reports about first-response services in the UK and US being put through Zombie scenarios and tweeking their skills accordingly.

The latest report is about Latah county, Idaho. Obviously such preparation is deemed important in more than one country. Are you prepared?

Full article here.

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