You’re on the grid – like it or not!

So how will preppers and homesteaders in Florida keep their freedom? It is now illegal not to be connected for electricity and water. One could ask what will be taken away next?

Of course those who stand to lose their freedom do have an alternative other than being tied to the grid – they could consider re-locating. Apart from the financial-employment aspect though there would also be the risk that the new location may also ban being off-grid.

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Small Farms soon only in history books!

Within a few weeks two key rules of the US Food Safety Modernization Act could receive an update which will see many small organic farms closing down and giving up the playing field to the corporations.

For those interested comments can still be left on the FDA site.

We would like to give credit to Natural Blaze for a very interesting and informative article.

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Forcing Preppers back on the grid – Wood-burning stove ban!

Whenever we come across articles covering any of the various types of efforts to crop the wings of preppers and reel them back to the grid, we have to highlight these reports for all. On those lines, here is the next case.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are planning a ban which would force wood-burning stove owners in the US to scrap, not resale, their old stoves and purchase EPA-approved ones. Full article here.

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First Responders surrounded by Zombies

In the past we have highlighted reports about first-response services in the UK and US being put through Zombie scenarios and tweeking their skills accordingly.

The latest report is about Latah county, Idaho. Obviously such preparation is deemed important in more than one country. Are you prepared?

Full article here.

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Weapon Cache, I mean Cash.

We recently highlighted an article about payment processors withholding funds from shipped orders, from gun retailers. Now preppers are being hit, but are only finding out at the checkout when attempting to pay with debit/credit card issued by the Bank of America.

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