The Zombie Drug – Eating User Flesh

Apparently a cheap substitute for cocain is spreading through the USA – the usage is devasting (of course using cocain is harmful too), not only does the drug eat through the user’s flesh; but where injected the skin turns reptilian (green and scaly).

Now, we are including the full article here but would just like to point out that the video does show some gruesome film – viewing discretion advised.

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Preparedness to become a secret art? Prepper – The Domestic Terrorist

Out of all the articles we have highlighted in the past about efforts in many countries by authorities to cut the wings of those going off-grid and preparing for hard-times to come; this report is tops in awakening readers to the fact that the walls are closing in faster and faster.

Last year “hoarding” was banned in the USA with authorities then having control over all resources. Now in Venezuela if you hoard stores of food etc and you are caught you will be detained. In such a situation where there is a food shortage people could find residents on their own street blowing the whistle about their food storage if known. What would you do? Full article here.

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